2nd Overall Pick in 2020 NFL Draft: DE Chase Young


Would have loved to have seen this guy fall to the 3rd pick that way our Lions could have scooped him up without hesitation. Our D-line is in dire need of improvements as we got caught up with the injury bug across the board here in 2019.

It seems as if everyone that comes out of this university is cast for greatness in the league. Chase Young is no different here. He was a monster in the college realm finishing 4th in the Heisman voting with the second most 1st place overall votes. Something a defensive player does not normally do.

A man among boys has been the common term thrown around for this guy and the game tape doesn’t lie. It never lies. The one blemish on the resume would have to be the two-game suspension due to a violation involving accepting a loan for his girlfriend’s light to watch him play. Hey… if that’s it then the Washington R words should be in good shape.

Congrats to Andrew Savel to another top 10 pick coming from his alma mater!


Crime Dog: “I think Chase Young comes from a school where they have character flaws and he might be a liability.”

Danger: “Not shocking.”

S Mojito: “Damn good pick.”


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