28th Pick In The NFL Draft: Patrick Queen- LB- LSU


The highest rated LB in the draft is finally off the board. He is a little undersized but he is a 3 down player and played hard

He is the protypical Raven: Plays hard, smart, winner.

I think he might be a starter right away and could help the Ravens make another run at the super bowl.

Fun Face: This the very first player the Ravens have EVER drafted from LSU!


Danger: He is a NFL LB. He is what you want when you draft a LB from the SEC.

S.Mojito: Sleeper

Crime Dawg: I see that the Ravens are trying to do. Get a LB and try and stop Big Ben. I still think the AFC north will be the Steelers for the taken. (Griff is back! His phone died and was feeding the horses)



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