26th Pick: STUNNING! Packers Take QB Joradn Love- Trouble In Paradise?

We got some suspense!!! The Packers take a QB in the first round AND they traded up to get him!!

That’s crazy. Remember we had a couple rumors last season that Rodgers was getting a little upset with Matt LaFleur and this will just continue to bring up questions.

Watching the tape on Jordan Love, he might have been better two years ago. I remember watching Utah State play @ Michigan State and this Love guy torched MSU and almost beat them.

The guy is smooth and can sling it. He can run a little bit and could be a great NFL QB. Love was getting comparisons to Patrick Mahomes but he is a wild card. People love him but sometimes you don’t know what you are getting.

This seems very similar to when the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers back in 2005. People felt like the Packers were pushing Farve out. Love will be sitting for a year or two but that is fine.


Danger: I love Jordan Love and his style of play. I’m mad that he is in the NFC North. It seems like the Packers have taken chances on QB’s in recent drafts but they were later picks. Crazy they traded up for a QB instead of getting Aaron more weapons.

S.Mojito: Hope this causes madness and a lot of cheese heads a headache.

Crimedawg: Absent and tired.



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