24th Pick In The 2020 NFL Draft: Cesar Ruiz- Michigan

My guy! Finally we have a Michigan player off the board.

Cesar Ruiz was a highly touted recruit for Jim Harbaugh and played right away at Michigan. He took over the starting Center position his second year. He can play multiple positions and will help the pass block in New Orleans.

Feels good to have a Michigan player go in the first round. Especially have Ohio State have had like 10 first rounders already. We will take it.

Quick thoughts on the draft so far: I’m shocked on how we haven’t seen more chaos with trades and shocking picks. Maybe that’s because of the tech issues but I would have to think their will be more trades tomorrow. It is kinda crazy the draft has gone mostly chalk and proving a lot of mock drafts right.


Danger: I love Cesar. Michigan guy and will play hard no matter where he goes. I’m glad he left and was a first rounder. That is the only way to leave early I think. DPJ you are an idiot but not there nor there.

S.Mojito: Love to see a Michigan boy.

Crimedawg: Still very tired.



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