22nd Pick: WR Justin Jefferson- LSU

WR train is rolling!!

I don’t know if the Eagles will live this down. There are some picks every year that you just know was a bad pick and the Eagles did that literally one pick ago. Jefferson is a stud! This dude is a pro and has been a pro for some time. I thought this guy was the best WR in the draft and ESPN kind of agreed. They have Jefferson ranked 4th and the Eagles WR they just picked was ranked 9th and is a midget. I know we don’t know these guys names but if you know these guys names then you are crazy.

I’m mad that Jefferson is our division with the Vikings and we have to see him twice a year but I’ll sleep with ease knowing Kurt Cosuins is his QB. Kurt SUCKS and the Lions own him when Stafford is QB-ing. Last year doesn’t count because we had third string players playing all season.

Bottom line…..great pick and the Eagles messed up big time!


Danger: This was a great pick and I’m a little surprised Jefferson dropped so far.

S.Mojito: Sticky fingers….. for footballs and money from OBJ

CrimeDawg: Sleeping



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