21st Overall Pick 2020 NFL Draft: Jalen Reagor.


Reagor is a small receiver with short arms but good top end speed. He’s quick makes defenders miss has contact balance to break tackles at hits to gain YAC yardage. He does lack frame to win those 50-50 balls down field. Per ESPN.

Kind of a wild pick in my opinion with Jefferson from LSU still on the board. I know I haven’t heard much from the TCU wide-out. I think we just had our first bust of the draft and leave it to fly Eagles fly. Poor Dom Gio. I feel for him. I can only imagine the heartache he’s feeling right now.

Rone from Barstool Sports is BIG on this guy. I hope my good future friend is right for his sake.


Crime Dog: “………..”

Danger: “Bit of a reach.”

S. Mojito: “Hope he has DJ speed…”


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