1st Overall Pick In The 2020 NFL Draft: QB Joe Burrow


Lets go baby!

Live sports are back and were here to give you instant feedback from the Life Takes War room, pick by pick. Were going to get instant reaction blogs after every pick and we will have a new blog up before the next the pick happens.

This was a no brainier though.

Joe Burrow going number 1 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals was the most basic pick, and I think every mock draft got this pick right. Heck, I’m writing this blog before the draft even started.

The Heisman trophy winner, national champion, cigar smoking son of a gun will bring instant hype to the Bengals this year and should make them fun to watch this season. (if we have the season).

LIFE TAKES WAR ROOM: No much shock here. We all expected this pick to happen and more surprised the Bengals didn’t just come out and say they were taking Burrow a month ago. But this draft is going to be very weird with everyone zooming in their pick and watching Roger from his basement.

Pick # 2: Washington R- Words on the clock!





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