19th Overall Pick 2020 NFL Draft: CB Damon Arnette.


Damon Arnette is heading to Vegas. Kudos to Andrew Savel here again. The kid continues to kill the 1st round of the draft and continues to take it to our beloved UofM.

I wish he was a blogger on this site because I’m sure he has a lot more insight to this guy than I ever would. Shit, Ty Kellems would have all sorts of inside scoop on him too. I just don’t have it for the people.

He looks small, but I’m sure he’s a big time talent stuck in a tiny guy body.

O-H….. You can fill in the blanks.


Crime Dog: **Drinking kombucha**

Danger: “Prolly a baller. But no Okudah.”

S. Mojito: “Who cares anymore.”


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