17th Overall Pick 2020 NFL Draft: WR Ceedee Lamb.



Ceedee Lamb heading to Jerry’s World! Big time play maker going to where big time plays PAY big time. Unless your name is Dak Prescott.

Ceedee has been the go to receiver for Jalen Hurts, Kyler Murry, and I think Baker Mayfield. Should be to no ones surprise if he rises to top of Prescott’s top targets.

A fantastic add on to Amari Cooper WR core. Lamb is expected to take on that slot position in the year to come to fill to void of Randell Cobb and Cole Beasley who have both done so well here. Lamb stands at 6 foot 1 & 5/8. Dallas picks up another weapon for this offense.


Crime Dog: “Crime Dog to the principles office. Crime Dog to the principles office.

Danger: “Prime time.”

S. Mojito: “Flashy son of a gun. Break away speed.”


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