15th Overall Pick in 2020 NFL Draft: WR Jerry Jeudy.


Arguably pound for pound most athletic prospect in this draft. He’s got speed, hands, and bunnies. Not to mention he’s going to a high elevation state so he’s going to be able to sore over DB’s.

He falls into that category of looking identical to all Bama wide-outs: Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, and the new Las Vegas Raider Henry Ruggs III. I see him putting up those massive numbers in the league like his fellow Crimson Tide.

Fun fact – Jeudy wears a star of David necklace around his neck on and off the field because of play on words with his last name. He is in fact not Jewish, but should not be looked down upon this fact. I support his decision at this time.

John Elway really hit big here and right-fully so. We should be seeing a lot more of Drew Lock on the sidelines lip singing Biggie Smalls after he connects on many deep balls in our future.


Crime Dog: “Absent from class.”

Danger: “Prototypical Bama receiver.”

S. Mojito: “Speed Speed and more speed.”


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