12th Pick: LAS VEGAS RAIDERS- Henry Ruggs III


Las Vegas

Las Vegas sounds cool but the Las Vegas Raiders will take some time to get used too. It is kind of sad that the draft isn’t live in Vegas but that’s okay.

Henry Ruggs seems like a guy who could be the next Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Calivn Ridley.

I know for a fact Alabama has a factory, behind the school of nursing, that just creates and molds NFL receivers. I mean Ruggs, he fits the mold and looks and I’m sure plays just like all these guys I just said. He will be a stud and Ruggs will literally take the place of Amari Cooper.

Ruggs will start a stretch of WR taken in the draft and I’m hearing rumblings that this could be the best WR class EVER.


Danger: Stud. Classic Alabama WR.

S.Mojito: QUICK. Early minutes and hopefully he’s not the next AB!

Crimedawg: Still tired and confused. “so many college players” legit quote


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