10th Overall Pick The Browns Select OT Jedrick Wills Jr.

The 2018 off season Super Bowl Champs, the Browns took a Tackle and I would assume this a pretty large need for them because they have offensive weapons at every position and it seems like they drafted all defenders in every draft the last 3 years.

Even though their best player is a legit crazy person, Myles Garrett. he is on defense and they have been getting solid defenders every year.

Boring pick here. You never know if  lineman will pan out but you have to hope a top 10 pick hits. Life Takes Ohio was suppose to write this blog but we had bad communication and here we are. I bet they could have gave better insider information then I could have but I mean……… The Browns are the Browns.


Danger: You build a team inside, out. So, about time they do that. They have been building outside in.

S. Mojito: good hair and strong knees

CrimeDawg: he is getting tired and confused with all these college players.10


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