Top Seeded Powerhouses Set To Face Off – Championship Polls Start Tonight 7:30 PM

Heavyweight championship of the world is set to take place tonight starting at 7:30 PM. Facebook and Twitter polls will be open and ready to roll.

We’re going to run the poll for 48 hours but I’m not sure what is going to happen to the event on Facebook because it is suppose to end at 11 AM tomorrow morning. So, I’m not sure if the polls will continue and if we will still be able to interact or will the event lock everyone out since it’s over. Idk were all going to find out together!

Let’s do a little recap.

Fessner vs Maxwell will go down as one of the greatest polls to ever exists. It was neck and neck all the way, but Maxwell had a very late push on Twitter and won the match 282-257. Incredible.

Sorry that picture is sideways. It’s the best I could do at a time like this.

Exeter vs Newburg was over at halftime. Newburg has had a dominate run through this tournament, blowing out almost every opponent that faced off with them. This matchup was no different but Exeter did have a solid showing on Twitter. Newburg ended up winning 265-195.

Also, we heard a lot of people chirping our ranking of the roads and the seeds they had. We have the top two roads in the Championship and both of them are 1 seeds. Credit to the fans of the roads but I think we seeded a perfect bracket. Lol.

It’s going to be interesting to see who pulls this thing off. Here at Life Takes headquarters, we will be putting up homemade signs on the side of the winning road up and down the road. So, if your road wins, expect to see some congratulations signs up and down it!

Good Luck Voting!

7:30 PM

April 22nd!


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