Heavyweight Final Four! Polls Open Tonight Primetime 8 PM

We’re entering Day 12 of the Back/Dirt Road Tournament and we’ve got the final four we all have been waiting for.

We had multiple cinderella stories fade away through the weeks.

These roads have been tested in multiple rounds and have made it through alive.

Now they have a chance for an opportunity to earn the bragging rights for “The Best Back Road”.

The Final Four polls will be opening tonight at 8 PM! We’re going to run the polls for 36 hours instead of the normal 48. Just a heads up. I don’t think it will make a difference.

There is nothing prettier than a completely filled out bracket and we’re getting close!

See everyone at 8PM!

ps. While you are here we debut a brand new page under our umbrella, Lady Takes. They debut the page Saturday night check it out! https://lifetakes.blog/2020/04/18/introducing-ladytakes-top-15-rom-coms-of-all-time/


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