Elite 8! Polls Open Tonight Primetime 7:30 PM

Then there were 8!

Incredible Sweet 16! Our Cinderella story, Burns Rd, got eliminated to the top seed Labo. Some were saying it was a tough matchup for Burns but it’s the big show. This tournament wasn’t meant to be easy.

We had one more close controversy where Fessner won the Facebook poll, but Sigler won the Twitter poll.

We got on the beat, and did some heavy math again, and Fessner came out on top by ten votes.

Elite 8 Preview:

We are going to have some heavyweight matchups, starting tonight, in the Elite 8.

#1 Newburg vs. #5 Calkins

This is going to be a very interesting matchup. Newburg has won two blow out games and Calkins might have became the new Cinderella of the ball. Calkins has a strong fan base and that goes a long way in tournaments like this.

#2 Exeter vs. #6 Labo

Another very interesting matchup we have coming tonight. Exeter hasn’t had any close games but I think they have one coming. Labo seems to be seeded wrong and should not be a 6 seed. Probably should be more of a 3/4 but no fault to them. They’re just playing the teams in front of them, and doing what teams do who are wrongly seeded.

#1 Maxwell vs # 5 Ready

I don’t think every game will be close but honestly this might be another nail bitter. Two more strong roads and that could be a toss up. We will see. Could be another Cinderella story in the making.

#2 Ohara vs #3 Fessner

For some reason I believe in Fessner and I think they might blow this game open. Just a hunch, I hope Ohara proves me wrong.

Primetime voting tonight. Polls open at 7:30 PM and will run for 48 hours. Remember to share the polls on Facebook and retweet the polls on Twitter. Winners are off to the FINAL FOUR!!!!

Let’s gooooo


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