Shop Local – Marvaso Greenhouses, INC!

With the current state of the union it is now more important than ever for us to not turn our back on our local businesses that have been supporting us for years. Guidelines are in place currently that do not allow for many of these family run business to keep their doors open and products flowing out the door. These are challenging times for hundreds, if not thousands of people. Please lets do what we can to make sure our locals are not forgotten about!

A near and dear family friend is currently tackling these hard times head on. Marvaso Greenhouses, located at 20374 Middlebelt in Romulus, MI, are unable to sell their beautiful flowers because of the restrictions on the state. Instead of filling a landfill with the many pansies on hand, they have extended their doors and are offering them free of charge for walk in clients. The pansy is defined as follows:

plural noun: pansies
  1. 1.
    a popular cultivated viola with flowers in rich colors, with both summer- and winter-flowering varieties.
    Image may contain: outdoor

The Marvaso Family asks that you practice social distancing when arriving and looking through the flower options still on hand. Also, should be noted to only take as many as you need!! Flowers will come and flowers will go, but the joy that comes from receiving a hanging basket should be shared with as many as possible. Word on the street is that they are going fast, so don’t wait if your looking to brighten your day during these tough times!!

P.S. if you feel compelled to donate, please give to Huron Twsp Fire and Police or donate to Jamie Lamb’s Go Fund Me, for our Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital workers. Some of our family members are nurses on midnights! Please like and share! 😊…

Thank you all and remember to shop local!!


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