Onward! 2020 Back\Dirt Road Tournament Sweet 16 Start Tomorrow High Noon! 12 PM

What a first round!

Majority of the higher seeds won but we had a couple minor upsets. 9 seed, Burns, taking down 8 seed, Brandon. While, the classic 10/7 upset with Otter taking down Port Creek.

BUT we had a little controversy, as most of you can see in the updated bracket, Briar Hill advanced to the sweet 16 over Finzel. But if you look at the Facebook poll, Finzel beat Briar Hill.

I’m not sure if everyone knows, there is a poll being ran on Twitter, also. In the Twitter poll, Briar Hill destroyed Finzel.

So, we had to take both polls in account and we had to do some intense math.

As you can see on the notepad, we took the total votes from the Facebook poll and divided the percentage of votes by each road. As you can see, Facebook poll came out to be 103-91 Finzel. On Twitter, we did the same math and Briar Hill won 42-17. Add that up, Briar Hill takes down Finzel 133-120. Amazing first round matchup.

A little housekeeping for the next round. We will start the Sweet 16 tomorrow, Easter Sunday, 12:00 PM tip off.

It is with a heavy heart to see Cinderella hopeful, Creek Rd, get taken down in the first round. Creek road had the biggest fan base that almost rallied them to pull the upset. They had by far the most votes by any first round matchup.

1,2,3,4 who do we appreciate, creek road, creek road, creek roooooad!

If you are reading this and want in on the fun, you will have to join the Facebook event 2020 back\dirt road tournament. Scroll down to recent post and all the polls will be there. Also, if you don’t have a Twitter, just remember we have people voting over there too and if you win on the Facebook poll, you might not win on Twitter. And that could cost your road the tournament. Twitter people, same exact thing goes for you Facebook.

Let’s get ready for the sweet 16 magic starting tomorrow!!

Happy Easter!


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