Top 10 TikToks of the Week – April 3

A lot of clout chasers out there this week on TikTok. I have question for everyone…where the heck are these girls parents?!? The things some girls post on TikTok is absurd. On this TikTok recap, we jump into the fun, topical, funny videos, not the weird dances that people do. That being said, let’s jump into my top 10 of the week: 

#10 – Frat Party, Mr. Brightside

Do frat parties bust out Mr. Brightside all the time? If so, that kinda makes me hate that song. Leave Mr. Brightside to normal people. But if Mr. Brightside comes on, you have to join in on it.

#9 – Full 180

This dude’s response is hilarious. Do these people not realize the difference between a 180 and a 360? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills over here.

#8 – Until Tomorrow

How annoying were those “Until Tomorrow” Instagram posts last week? I liked one “Until Tomorrow” post then just ignored every single other one.

#7 – Bill Nye Elementary School

There was nothing better in elementary school than when your teacher played Bill Nye. Hell sometimes we got it in high school which was a real treat. A little triggered by the part with the weird kid. Doesn’t everyone say “Science Rules” or was that just me…..?

#6 – Star Wars on Instrument

How about the talent this guy has? I mean he spot on hit every note in that scene. Sidenote, this is my favorite Star Wars of all-time. Darth Maul, Jar Jar Binks, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Queen Amidala, the list goes on and on. Great characters, great movie.

#5 – Little Kids Drinking Fountain

I forgot about doing this. Every kid did this to each other at the drinking fountain when we were younger. My favorite was “Save some for the fish”.

#4 – Dad Stuck With Water

What a range of emotions for this dad. First confused as to what his daughter was doing, then anger, then the confidence and BOOM he catches that cup of water. No one thought he could do it. I’d say a top 5 athletic moment of all-time.

#3 – Fairly Oddparents

Timmy Turner was in the booth dropping heat with this track.

#2 – Tiger King Family

Great TikTok. Topical, funny, great costumes, everything. This family knows how to get the clout.

#1 – British People

I’ve seen this TikTok at least 10 times and I cry laughing at it every time. “It’s chewsdayyy init”.

Here are some of my other favorite TikToks this past week…


shirtless boys stay getting all the hype tho lol this was seriously the most anxious panicky project of my life 😅 more on my insta 💕 #foryoupage

♬ original sound – cityboiixx

Got a new puppy. Here’s how the cat is coping.

♬ Carmina Burana – O Fortuna – Hugues Reiner

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