Breaking News: MHSAA cancels remaining of Winter and Spring sports

Boom. It’s the moment we have kind of been waiting for but still was in the back of our minds that could happen.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association cancels the rest of the winter and entire spring athletic season. Which included the district finals for the boys basketball and regional finals for girls basketball. Plus hockey tournaments.


Going to be very weird looking back in time when there is a blank next to the 2020 champions.

Bigger news the entire spring sports season is canceled and that’s devastating for the seniors. And this affects so many more sports than just baseball and softball. At least the majority of the winter sports were completed and some teams even finished their season.

I couldn’t imagine what my 18 year old self would be thinking right now if my season just got taken away. Last chance to ride with the boys and compete for a title and you will never get that back. Sucks.

Remember the great stretch of sports we’re going to see in the early fall maybe end of the summer. Only thing keeping me going.

Sorry to the all the seniors out there.


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