Top 10 TikTok’s of the Week

Listen I have a confession to make. As you can already tell by the title of the blog, I am addicted to TikTok. To be fair, TikTok is not for teenager’s anymore so it’s okay for me to watch it…..right? Like now that quarantine has happened, so many more older people are using it and it is funny as hell. So I’d like to do a weekly recap each week of my top 10 favorites. With so many to choose from, this list is going to vary each week from nostalgia, to video games, stupid face zooms, sports references, topical jokes and more. Without further adieu, here is my recap for the week.

#10 – The Bars Post-Quarantine

Nice little “Friends” reference. I can definitely see me and the boys exactly like this when we are able to go out again. Honestly, it is going to be a massive party every weekend when they are back open. I cannot wait. Sidenote….Joey Tribiani is the best Friends character and it isn’t even remotely close.

#9 – College Bartender in Quarantine

This chick is hilarious. She has the college bartender act down to a T. Love the use of the microwave as the POS Terminal (shoutout Jon Taffer for that terminology). I need her to be my designated bartender from here on out.

#8 – Boyfriend WiFi Issues

That is me whenever I play any video game online. WiFi slows down your internet connection, fact not an opinion. That face zoom and voice effect crack me up. Absolutely hilarious, spot on video.

#7 – Beef Quesarito

I went to high school with this guy and his brother. Honestly, I’m pretty sure he’s famous for making videos with him reviewing fast food. This video just touches the soul. “Is that a beef quesarito? F yeah”. Classic. Brings up a great point though. Which taco bell menu item would you be? I feel like Baja Blast is a decent answer. From a popularity standpoint, you’re everyone’s favorite thing on the planet.

#6 – Kids 100 Years Ago vs. Kids These Days

Kids 100 years ago just working in factories and in the military (I think this is a joke…) compared to kids now that do some incredibly dumb dance with their hands. No joke, what is this dance they are doing with their hands?!!? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Also all I could think of when I saw the little kids working in the factories was the scene in Zoolander where Derek is being brainwashed to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

#5 – Nostalgia Kids Thing

If you’re telling me you didn’t do this when you were a kid, then I am calling you a liar. Just un-athletic kids missing every single shot but adding time and acting like you’re in the finals for your favorite sport. I for sure can remember me just missing an empty net in my driveway while I’m shooting pucks at a net with no goalie. “Yzerman slapshot! Saved by the goalie, but Yzerman gets the rebound, he shoots, ah and he gets the rebound again!”

#4 – Married Man Plays Madden With Wife’s Boyfriend

The circumstances of this video just make me laugh every time I watch it. Some 34 year old dude playing Madden and a guy walks out of your wives bedroom and you ask him to play Madden with you.

#3 – Hibachi During Quarantine

This guy deserves an Oscar for this work. Holy cow. I think that was better than some of hibachi grills I have been to. The custom, homemade Sake pee bottle is a great touch. Honestly I wonder how the food was? Looks decent but it’s on a griddle which makes me a little skeptical.

#2 – Church Pastor After Quarantine

I imagine every single church to be like this when this whole quarantine thing is over. Backflips and cartwheels down the aisle. Everyone singing and clapping along. Money just being thrown to the pastor like it’s a strip club. I might even dabble in a little church after this. RIP Chris Farley I miss you so much.

#1 – When Your Teacher Calls On You

Man this is every kid in elementary, Jr. High, High School and College. Just not paying attention then all the sudden, you’re called on and have to come up with some response. It brings me back to college when you have blackboard group discussions (minimum of 4 sentences). “Hi ________ (sentence 1). Totally agree with you on that point (Sentence 2). It definitely demonstrates X (Sentence 3). Thanks for the post (sentence 4). Sidenote, that guy’s name is EDP (not going to spell out the whole thing) he is a crazy Eagles fan. So if you enjoy watching sports fans freak out, just go on YouTube and search EDP Eagles fan. You’ll enjoy it (NSFW).

Thanks for sitting through that. Like I said, TikTok’s are a little scary for older people, but it’s okay. I am here to help. Below are a few that missed the cut:

childhood 101: Thou shalt not laugh at thy siblings whilst thine art being chewed outeth by thine parent. #childhood #allthedifference

♬ No Pressure – dirtcups

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