Carleton Glenn Golf Course Will remain OPEN During Lockout

Still in weird times but it feels like the hysteria of coronavirus has settled down a little. The shock of everything unfolding last week was mind puzzling but as were all getting adjusted to our new lifestyle for the near future it sounds like some golf courses will remain open.

I was in contact with the course pro today at Carleton Glenn, no not Todd Spencer. The word is that the course will remain open BUT it will be walking only he said. The owner also stated the clubhouse will he CLOSED and the bathrooms will be CLOSED.

It’s a complete dagger the golf carts will be out of commission for this time span, but beggars can’t be choosers so we will take the opportunity to walk. Honestly will kill more time in the day as we try to get back to the real world.

Positive note if we every get out of this world with no sports, we will have a stretch of sports never seen before. MLB will be having double headers every day while the NBA and NHL playoffs are going on. We will have the masters on a random weekend. Kentucky Derby another random weekend. The stretch of sports from July through October will be so legendary, that should be enough motivation to get through this quarantine.

Good things happen to people who wait.


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