Toledo Football in National Spotlight

As an Alumni from THE University of Toledo – some people regard it as the Harvard of the Midwest, but that’s neither here nor there – I get a special sense of pride (or a warm fuzzy feeling, might be a better way to describe it), when I see my beloved Alma-Mater making waves on social media. For example, when our school’s Twitter joked about changing the mascot to Shrek.

Image result for toledo shrek
Yes, this really happened.

As it’s no secret, we at LifeTakes are fans of those at Barstool Sports, heck we’re wearing merch in our Twitter header. So when Big Cat started playing NCAA Football on XBox 360 as the OC for my beloved Midnight Blue and Gold, I was all in.

This is why it’s hard scheduling home and homes with big schools for Toledo, they don’t want to come to the Glass Bowl and lose. Hot Take: Rockets go to East Lansing this Fall and take down MSU, then they travel to South Bend in 2021 and beat Notre Dame. 2022 the Rockets head down to Columbus and upset OSU.
You have to carry the crown, before you can wear the crown
Bowling Green is no where to be seen
My first game at the Glass Bowl the Rockets played Mizzou – can’t be a coincidence
A true genius

Even our fearless leader, the silver fox himself Coach Candle, got in on the action.

So far there has not been any updates through Conference Play, but I’ll try to keep y’all updated on the LifeTakes Twitter feed for further updates.


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