What to Binge During Quarantine: Weeds

Dave came out with a blog about Russian Doll being bingeworthy for this Corona virus so I wanted to share a show I think is bingeworthy. https://lifetakes.blog/2020/03/18/netflix-and-quarantine-russian-doll-is-binge-worthy/

I just finished watching Weeds on Netflix and it is easily one of my favorite Dramedies or Dark Comedies that I’ve ever watched. I started watching Showtime shows with Californication last year and loved that so when I saw Weeds on my suggested watch list, I had to send it.

I started the show at the beginning of this year and was instantly hooked. I want to tell you about it without giving anything away, so here is the basics – A widowed single mother of two sons tries to ‘figure it out’ in a Los Angela’s suburb called ‘Egrestic’ by selling some dime bags…. things get out of hand. 8 seasons later and I fell in love with this show and the characters especially the main character – Nancy Botwin.

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She is the HBIC – (Head Bitch in Charge). She is always drinking iced coffee and running shit. I love coffee. If you’ve ever bitten off more than you can chew and found a way to navigate the situation – you can relate. I’ve always been attracted to a chick who smokes the occasional cigarette, has a few tattoos and is just a bad-ass, you know kind of trashy but classy at the same time, like the girl in Toby Keith’s ‘Whiskey Girl’ video….

Nancy Botwin is portrayed by Mary-Louise Parker, whose like her character is kind of a bad-ass.

Image result for RED movie
RED (Movie) – Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker has continued to appear in various cinema adaptations of plays, including possibly her most successful appearance in HBO’s hit miniseries, Angels in America, alongside Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Patrick Wilson, and for which she won Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe awards for Best Supporting Actress. Another Golden Globe for Parker’s performance in the comedy-drama series Weeds as the central character, Nancy Botwin, followed in 2006.

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These are the OG characters of Season 1. We have Conrad, Andy, Celia, Doug Wilson, and Heylia. All these characters play a key role in the development of Nancy and the plot which is ever-changing. You’ll hate some of these characters and on the flip side of the coin you’ll love some.

Like I said, I don’t want to give anything away because even though I’m 14 years late this show is as binge worthy now as it was then. But let me say, this show made me laugh (literally) out loud, get teary eyed (I’m a big teary eyed movie guy, sue me), and everything in between. I think I learned a lot about parenting watching this and about life, in a very odd way. This show is outlandish, like any Showtime show, but it does have a ton of character development and is your perfect Corona Pandemic Binge.

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