Netflix and Quarantine. Russian Doll is Binge Worthy

I think the quarantine is going to make me go crazy plus with no sports on TV until July I just don’t know.

But I’m getting back to the roots of every single person in their summer prime, binging.

I’ve seen every popular show on Netflix and I’ve binged them all. Probably next week I will re start Ozarks because season 3 comes out on the 27th. Which will be in the heart of the quarantine and it’s going to be bad outside. Going to be awesome to rebinge.

But Russian Doll is that new show that no one knows about but it’s the perfect binge. You need to watch with your phone down but the episodes are only 24-26 minutes long. So it’s not a huge commitment like a normal 58-61 min episode.

Quick preview, this show is a mixture of GroundHog Day, you can probably guess why that is a comparison. And all the final destination movies put into one with some weird twist. Its a comedy, Drama and even a little love story triangle. It’s interesting and has amazing ratings on rotten tomatoes and a pretty solid IMDB rating.



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