What To Watch With No Sports

So what do we do with weeks of no sports? Watch old sporting events? Binge shows on Netflix or Hulu? Play CoD Warzone nonstop? No, I recommend going out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to try something new.

I suggest my favorite wrestling company, “All Elite Wrestling”. All Elite Wrestling is on Wednesday nights for their weekly show “Dynamite” on TNT. This is the perfect alternative to WWE and if you love sports, you’ll love All Elite Wrestling. Their matches are action-packed and sports centric, as opposed to the drama and chain wrestling you see in WWE.

Before you jump into the show, I want to give you a breakdown on my favorite wrestlers on the show that you will love…

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has transcended professional wrestling for 20+ years.

In my eyes he is the greatest wrestler of all-time because he has been able to adjust his character, move-set and everything his whole career. Oh and all while being a rock star….

Jericho is the leader of the Inner Circle which is a group of 5 individuals that will gang up on anyone for the win. Known for his awesome catchphrases, Jericho is the megastar you need in a wrestling company.

Jon Moxley formerly known as “Dean Ambrose”

He’s a tough bastard that just wants to fight people. Currently the All Elite Wrestling World Champion, Jon Moxley came to AEW from WWE for a fresh start. The people love him, he enters through the crowd and arenas go BANANAS. Recently Mox defeated Jericho to become the new champion, during the match he actually suffered a legit concussion and received stitches following the match due to being thrown into a ring pole.

Kenny Omega

In my eyes the best wrestler of the planet. Constantly puts on incredible matches that make you say, “HOLY SH*T”. Kenny is 1/2 of the AEW Tag Team Champions with Hangman Adam Page who I will breakdown a little later. Keep an eye out for his moves “Snap-Dragon Suplex”, “V-Trigger” and his finisher “One Winged Angel”.


The American Nightmare Cody (Rhodes) is the heart and passion for AEW. His dad is on the Mount Rushmore of wrestlers and that fuels Cody to be the best he can be. Typically, he is joined by his brother Dustin Rhodes, coach Arn Anderson and beautiful wife Brandi. Cody is a fan-favorite that keeps the movement going.

The Young Bucks

Much like Kenny being my favorite wrestler of all-time, the Young Bucks are my favorite tag team of all-time. Whether it’s them doing “Superkick Parties” to other wrestlers or their insane acrobatic skills, you are on the edge of your seat for every Young Bucks match.

Hangman Adam Page                                                                                   

What if I told you there was a wrestler that people call a “Cowboy” and after he wins matches, he goes into the crowd and drinks with people? That’s exactly what the Hangman does. I have never seen a wrestler as over as the Hangman and I have been watching wrestling since 2011. Unfortunately, Hangman won’t be able to drink with the crowd for a few weeks due to COVID-19 but he will keep you entertained as 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman “MJF”

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, MJF, is an all-time heel in professional wrestling. Everybody hates him but you love him because you hate him so much. After costing Cody the AEW Championship against Chris Jericho, MJF turned on his best friend with a low blow. At the end of their recent PPV “Evolution” MJF won against Cody with the help of his “$50,000 Diamond Ring”. Obviously MJF does the trash-talking to the crowd which is just as good. But this is a character you will love to hate. And I’d be remiss to mention his sidekick/henchman Wardlow, who is just a massive dude that protects him.

Britt Baker

My final person I wanted to highlight is the dentist Britt Baker. She will make sure everyone knows that she is a dentist and a role model. However, she is one of the dirtiest women on the roster with her actions in the ring. Personally, she’s my favorite female on the roster because of how she can get a crowd mad at her. Additionally, if you’re interested in a little wrestling drama, her boyfriend is the face of NXT, WWE’s show on Wednesday nights that competes with AEW.

Hopefully you will be able to check out All Elite Wrestling every Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. during this time. I know that it is something you are not used to and that it’s “fake”. But give it a chance and I guarantee you’ll love it. I’ll live tweet it this week so give me a follow on Twitter @Simpsonasti



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