I had sleep paralysis last night

“Sleep paralysis: a temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep asleep or waking up.”

Experiencing this is scary as shit when it happens. For anyone who has not experienced this before consider yourself lucky. Legend has it that your more at risk of falling into sleep paralysis when your body, before your mind, is exhausted and starts to fall asleep before your eyes send you into that good night. Once asleep, people can feel an array of things. One not being able to move the smallest movement on your body. Your trapped. The room for me always has a dark somber tone just floating around me. Lastly, a lot of people experience the vibe that someone is watching them from inside that room. People have even said to have a feeling of heavy pressure on the chest. Nothing you can do but wait it out.

To recap my day yesterday; I woke up at 530am to drive 2.5 hours to Omaha, NE to do field work with TCC. Ended the day at 530 pm. I was beat. I was tired. I was ready for bed. I stole a couple pillows from the other queen bed in my room to make the bed as comfortably as possible. That is where I think I goofed up.. I made a barrier for myself in the bed and set myself up for doom.

Within minutes of setting up the “perfect” bed I was snoozing. But I was awoken to the worst ringing in my ears that I’ve ever experienced. To the point that it felt like my ears were going to explode. My eyes opened, but I knew I wasn’t awake. The atmosphere around me was dark. My body was locked to this bed. Acting quick, I tried my hardest to sit up and avoid being held down. I found a way to do it, but it felt like how you feel when you try to run in a dream. Slowwww motion.

Instinctively I throw a punch towards the end of the bed but, again to not much avail. This was when I actually woke up out of the inception world and was now in real life. The erie feeling of a presence being near was still very much felt. Did not want to open my eyes in the dark room and see a shadow standing in the corner. Oh hell no, I’ve watched way to many scary movies to fall for that.

I quickly turned the tv on to brighten up the room and went back to snoozing! And boy did I snooze!

In closing, sleep paralysis is no joke and you should consider yourself lucky if you’ve never had to experience this. It’s something out of this world and should be taken very seriously!

God speed!


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