Dan Bilzerian is lost

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If you don’t know who Dan Blizerian is, consider yourself lucky.

I might take alot of heat over this blog. Dan is a hero to the guys who love hot chicks, guns and partying. I remember when I was a freshman in college and I first came across Dan’s Instagram – i thought he was the coolest dude of all time. I mean here’s this guy – has a bunch of boats and houses, gets to hang out and probably do what he wants with a bunch of hot girls, shoots guns and gets to do loads of drugs and alcohol.

Now that I’m out of college, I see the world differently. Someone asked me a few weeks ago what did I think of Dan Bilzerian – topic came up because my roommate at the time bought a bunch of stock in Dan’s CBD company. I said I think he’s lost.

I was listening to a Podcast and something the guy said really stuck with me, he said – “If you go to a retirement or nursing home and ask one of the old guys there if they have any regrets looking back on their life, not one of them would say, “I wish I had more casual sex in my twenties”. Wow. What a line.

Some people look at Dan Bilzerian and think he has life figured out, I look at him and think – wow that guy is sad. I mean all I have to bring up is the fact that this dude photoshopped a girl to look skinnier in his instagram picture. I mean not just any girl, this girl is a famous rapper, some of you may know her as Cardi B.

Cardi B’s post on the left / Dan’s post on the right

What a weirdo!

If he does this for a picture with a famous person, does he do the same with all of his pictures with the random models of the internet?

There are alot of articles about Dan’s rise to fame. He claims he won all the money from his poker playing days but that’s probably not true – https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/the-truth-about-dan-bilzerian

Honestly, reading about this guy is exhausting. He has so much going on, I mean he tried twice to go through Navy Seal training, he was at the Jason Aldean / Eric Church concert in Vegas that was cut short to a mass shooting, and apparently he tried to help the authorities (his words, not one person backs up this claim).

He even knows when we as a nation are going to go into lockdown.

This guy lives for attention. His following is mostly dudes who are in or out of college who think that having a ton of money or hooking up is the number one goal in life. I’m not saying I’m woke, or that I don’t want lots of money and nothing to do all day but go on a boat and hang with some pretty ladies, I’d love that. I do know that there is alot more to life than that though, in that sense I guess I am woke. I’m saying that we should live lives that have meaning and when you look back at it 30 years from now, are you going to say, “I wish I lived like Dan Bilzerian”, I hope not.


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