Breaking News: Tom Brady Leaving the Patriots

We have had breaking news almost on the hour but this news is a little change of pace but still SHOCKING.

Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots to join a new team if we have an NFL season next year.

This is almost has crazy as the coronavirus but you can can at least make sense of it.

1. He’s old and wants to try something new.

2. He kinda wants to see if it’s him or Belichick (I think Belichick)

3. He’s old and wants to try something new.

I mean you never know he could come back to the Patriots if he can’t sign anywhere. I’m hearing a lot of murmurs he’s going to Tampa Bay which would be crazy. I mean probably wants to play in more warm weather (who doesn’t)

Patriots have won 10 games for 20 straight seasons and I can only hope that comes to an end. We’re going to see a lot of bandwagon Pat fans leaving next year and a lot of front runner fans will have to pick a new team to cheer for.

It’s going to look weird to see Tom in a different jersey but literally almost every all time great switched jerseys at the end of their career.

1. MJ

2. Farve

3. Joe Montana


We have to start doing it. All these things are getting closed because we’re not listening to the advisors. If we don’t start listening we will be in a national lockdown very soon. Very soon


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