Airport Schools helping the Community is nothing new

“As a community we fight”

These were the words that went through my mind when I saw the first Facebook post by my Alma-Mater Airport Community Schools regarding helping the kids get food during this Corona outbreak. In truly unprecedented times for many of us, the school system remains a beacon of light for the community.

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Buses get prepped to hit the road to feed the kids of the Airport Community

This school system is a staple in the community. Not because of the great Athletics and Clubs that the school boasts. Though we have a Robotics Team making national headway, and a Mock Trial / Youth In Government Powerhouse lead by Mrs. Hopper that consistently places in the top percentile in the State. Our sports teams are nothing to joke about either. But, that’s not what makes our school system a staple. It’s the people.

I’m a proud Airport Alumni, Class of 2014. I’ve the seen the good this school does first hand as I’ve had to mourn the passing of two classmates in the March 2012 and 2014. We came together as a class and as a school to help one another get through a very tough and emotional time.

Post graduation nothing has changed. With Color Runs and basketball fundraisers, silent auctions, volleyball tournaments and many of things I know I’m missing, that have the sole purpose of helping those in our community that our battling.

This Corona / COVI-19 outbreak has hit the community hard. With the bars and restaurants on ‘take out only’ status and the schools closed many kids in our community have had a tough time finding a place to get a bite to eat. The school wasted no time in relief efforts, foreseen the problem as it unfolded and developed an action plan.

Many people, like to poke fun at our little town, our little school, and our little way of life. I’m sure there are many school systems out there that our following suit with what Airport has done. But, I think we as a community would be remiss to not mention how lucky we are to have Airport Community Schools in our Community.

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