Things to Watch: Corona Stolen Valor

We have to keep a watch out for this moving forward. This illness is very serious and we should take it seriously as all of our blogs have said. Something else we need to be vigilant of these days: Stolen Valor.

It’s already started with people saying things like, “Remember when everyone got really sick in December for a couple of weeks, that was actually Corona, we’ve already been though this and I don’t get why we’re making a big deal out of it” stuff along those lines. First of all, I don’t remember that. I don’t remember a bunch of people getting sick and spreading a disease around in December but maybe I missed that with all the sports distracting me.

It’s started already. Prayers out to Charles Barkley and props to him for actually doing the right thing but lets get real. Everyone is or should be self-quarantining. Here is what I’m worried about, anyone with a little sniffle or cough will be like, “I think I have Coronavirus” and then for the rest of their lives will proclaim they actually survived the virus. That is not okay, we should save that for people who were tested and tested positive for the virus and survived to tell the tale. The thing is, Barkely will be tested and he might have already been tested. But for most of us, we are not going to be tested anytime soon, so please just watch out for those people trying to chase clout by saying they have Corona. It’s stolen virus .. valor..sorry.

Now if you’re bored at home with no sports to watch and want to be made very very uncomfortable here’s a video for you


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