Our Generations Calling

Not so long ago the “greatest generation” was called to action. They limited their rations of food, water and resources to send over to the men and women (mostly men back then) fighting for our freedoms in WW2. They had to grow their own groceries and share what little food they did have. The Boy Scouts would sell War Bonds to help raise funding for the war.

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What is our call, what is our purpose as a generation? We have not been asked to help gather supplies for our fighting men and women in the military. Or to contribute to the war efforts in any way as a society like during the World Wars. (Shoutout to all the military families, this is not about you or your sacrifices, you’re appreciated by us at Lifetakes)

Yes, the Corona Virus is our generations calling. I’ll be the first to admit that I thought this was all a big joke a little over a week ago. I bought a ticket to see S.Mojito in Kansas City, it’s looking like that trip will be cancelled. I’m what you call ‘high-risk’ when it comes to the Corona Virus due to my heart disease. I also live with older parents that have prior health issues. What was once a joke has turned into a a real life situation. Gatherings of over 50 people have been cancelled by the CDC for up to 8 weeks, I saw one state limited the number of people gathering to 5. Yes, F I V E.

What do we have to do? It looks like we have to hanker down these next few weeks. Social dinstancing, flattening the curve, yadayada, we will prevail. I think this is the time we will come together as a society and defeat Corona. All we have to do is chill on the couch and vibe out for a few weeks. It’s tough to do. We all love going out and meeting up with friends. But the days of sharing beer bongs and normal bongs for that matter have to be put on hold for the betterment of society. As it has been well documented sports have been cancelled. There is not much to watch on television to keep us ‘connected’ as a society. Usually Twitter and social media is full of the one thing that people still watch ‘together’ – live sports. Because of streaming services, sports are one of the last things if not, the last thing we watch all at once. Back in middle school, we would all come in Friday morning and talk about the new Office episode that was on NBC last night. Since Netflix blew up along with Hulu and Amazon and now a thousand more streaming services, sports are the only thing left we watch ‘together’. Now with Twitter empty of sports updates for the most part – looks like NFL free agency is not going anywhere, the only news updates we get are for the Corona Virus.

I’ve seen the above post and ones like it over the internet the past few days. All this is doing is talking some people into thinking they already had Rona and that’s all some people need to go outside to bars and parties and spread the actual Corona Virus all because some people think that they ‘we’re really sick in December for a couple weeks’. So stupid.

No one is asking us to go to war, ration food or anything like that. All we have to do as normal citizens is chill on the couch, work from home if possible, don’t go out in large crowds, go to the store only when necessary and in a few weeks maybe months, we will be watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Bucks and the Lakers while simulcasting the Stanley Cup Finals.

This is our generations calling, we have been training for this since we were kids on snow days. Play video games, watch movies, listen to music and some of you, please, please, please, listen to this, some of you really need to crack open a book. This is the time to do so.


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