Day 4: No Sports

Today is Selection Sunday

Usually the best day of the year.

Usually it’s a sign that spring is just around the corner. Nice weather is coming. (Or it’s here. I remember selection Sunday 8 years ago like it was yesterday. It was 73 degrees just got done with a baseball game and was watching selection Sunday at Applebee’s Eating a burger)

It’s a day of hope and uncertain because your team is getting announced to be in the tournament and anything can fucking happen in the tournament. Anything.

You are gearing up for the best week of the year starting on Tuesday and Wednesday with the first four games in Dayton.

And then you either call off work or you just say fuck it and watch the 12:00 games at work or project over a screen so you don’t have to do any teaching that day and let the kids watch March madness.

Not this year.

Not this year at all.

We’re stuck in home with not only no March madness but no sports. It’s only day 4.

We might have to try and make it all the way to day 60. Idk if that’s possible. I’ve never had zero days in MY LIFE with no sports on tv. Usually it was a choice if I needed a break from it.

Here are some of the pictures we would be seeing on TV today at 6:00 if the world was normal

P.S. stop going out to parties and bars. If we keep doing that shit this thing is going to get out of control like it is in Italy. They just doubled their entire number of viruses in two days. DOUBLED. Just chill at home.


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