I was wrong about Zion

Everyone knows awhile back that I said Zion Williamson was going to be a bust. Zion Williamson is overrated and will be an NBA BUST!!

Well I’m here right now to say I’m officially wrong. This might be the first time I’ve ever been wrong but takes a big person to admit something like this.

I was almost right, though. It all started last year when Duke played MSU and lost in the elite 8. I was fully on board the bust train. Looking back now, it looks like Coach K choked that season away not Zion. Don’t get me started on Coach K, he might be the worst coach in college basketball. Time might have past him by.

THEN, Zion got hurt during the summer league and stopped playing after game one. I was starting to think, ” wow I can’t believe I knew Zion was a bust”

THEN, Zion was so hurt that he couldn’t even start the season on time and all my predictions were looking great. He played in Preseason, but pre season doesn’t count. He got hurt again and everything was looking like roses for me.

THEN, he finally plays about 2 months ago and he’s limited to a minute restrictions. Zion looked like complete trash the whole first half and even third quarter. At that point I knew, I was 100% right about him and I called it a year ago when no one could see it.

THEN, the 4th quarter happen and if you are reading this blog you know EXACTLY how that 4th quarter went.

Zion’s minutes restrictions got lifted

Zion made a 3

Zion made a 3

Zion did a windmill dunk

Zion made a 3

Zion made a 3

Zion through the legs dunk.

It was amazing to watch and everyone watching knew they were watching greatness. Only a super star could do what he did. Since that game he’s only played in 18 games total, but he’s averaging 23 ppg and is shooting 60% from the field. Making three pointers and is playing good enough to get the Pelicans into the playoffs.

So, I’m officially saying I was wrong. Zion is the next Lebron and we get to watch him for many more years to come.

Bigger issues is… How the hell did Coach K not win a title with him and two other top 5 draft picks???

Overrated? I think so.


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