Exclusive Interview w/ C-Town Hero

Earlier this week I had J$, the artist behind the video that caught Carleton on fire in early 2019, come into the office and discuss his come up, inspirations and whats coming next.

C-Town Hero may have been my first introduction to J$ & Ea$y (above) but the team along with $tumpman (absent during video shoot) have been working in YMCProductions since 2018.

C-Town Hero released in March of 2019 amassing over 4,500 views on YouTube which is almost twice the population of the Village of Carleton.


Q: What was your inspiration behind C-Town Hero?

A:“I felt like I was the hero of C-Town and I heard someone dropped a song when you were in school and had to up it with a video”

The song J$ was referring to was (Airport Diss) by Avery.

Q: You mention all the gas stations in town but pick Circle K as your favorite, wanna talk about it?

A: “You know, it’s the customer service, their friendly there. Wanna shout out Rocko on the night shift!”

Q: What’s your go to at Calders?

A: “Chocolate Milk”

“No ice cream?” I ask. J$ replies, “Not a ice cream guy, I also don’t drink white milk. The last time I drank white milk was (ponders), probably from my mom’s titty.”

Q: Whats your go to at Farmers?

A: “My go to is Chicken Bacon Ranch .. No Ranch. This makes everything taste better because they lowkey put too much ranch on. The veggies and chicken taste better”

I reply, “I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before” and J$ says,

“I’ve never heard anyone do it, but no one has ever dropped a music video in Carleton before.”


Q: What’s next for you and YMCProductions?

A: “We’ve been hitting the studio and putting stuff away, we want to make sure everything sounds good. I don’t want to put music out just to put it out, I want it to be something people re-listen to”.

S.Mojito questions

I had S.Mojito send in a couple of questions from abroad as he and J$ share the bond of being on special teams. J$ not only claims but has game film of him hitting a 47 yard field goal in a game. Look out for him walking on to EMU.

Q: Favorite Retro Jordan?

A: “Black Cement 3’s, it was the first shoe I spent alot of my hard earned money on, so they’re special to me.”

Q: Being a soccer guy – Adidas or Nike?

A: “Checks over Stripes, but Jordan over Checks”

Take away:

J$ gave me the exclusive news, that listeners in Carleton and beyond can expect to see a mix tape dropping by the end of 2020. The C-Town Hero and YMCProductions have been putting in work and I along with the fans around town are looking forward to whats next.


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