Michigan (is a) Basketball (school)

Breaking news this morning, the Wolverines of Michigan are officially ranked. Not just barley sneaking in but they are firmly ranked in the top 5 in the county. Coming from not being ranked to start the season and the first 4 weeks of the season to 4th in the country is truly incredible.

But is it really?

Let’s break a few things down that the should have been very obvious but wasn’t to even the true die hard Wolverine fans.

1. First they brought back pretty much every one on the team. Only had 2 new comers.

2. Second, they have 3 starters in the lineup that have seen and played legit minutes in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game just 2 years ago. Livers started, Teske was coming off the bench but at times most people could tell we were a better team with him in the lineup. Simpson was the catalyst that kept in the going. And that was 2 YEARS AGO. And these kids are still playing. So obviously they weren’t going to suck.

3. These are still Beilen guys and we’re still running Belein’s offense for the most part. The only major thing is that Howard is making sure they stay confident and giving the players some options of what they want to do. And that goes a lot way to create that workout relationship that allows the kids to play hard.

4. If you think this is a mirage or thinking Michigan peaked to early, you are just wrong. Simpson isn’t going any where and Teske might win the National player of the year award.

5. Simpson and Teske are both very close on having all the record for most wins in a career. You think they were just going to fold over and start losing? Guess again.

Michigan has been a basketball school for 10 years now. If people thing we just became a basketball school, you’re wrong.

Juwann Howard might have scared most of the college coaches with his post game performance.


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