Motivational Sunday

Sunday Scaries on steroids.

That’s what today is.

If you’re not sure what the Sunday Scaries are you can watch this really quick

While you are sitting back and watching all the football on today remember a few things:

1. This is week 13 of the NFL season and we don’t have many more days like this. Enjoy it.

2. It’s already December. Thanksgiving was late AF this year.

3. Everyone is going to be sad there break is over but this is the best time of year because we’re only 3 short weeks away from ANOTHER break from work. And that next break is going to be better, longer, and better.

So, be sad a little bit today but get very excited because we’re getting closer to that Winter Wonderland break. And New Years.

2020 is here. Pretty sure we should have flying cars by now. That’s what we were promised in 1998.


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