It’s time for Danny’s III: Bring Danny’s Fine Foods to Carleton

It’s almost been 9 months since Busch’s left Carleton.

Let that sink in.

The 5 minute drive to a grocery store has turned into a 15 minute drive… depending on traffic.

I don’t know about you, but I believe we can do better. The place that took over Busch’s, “K.A.S.” I think it’s called, it’s a glorified party store. Dollar General is nice when your looking for necessities like eggs, milk, candy stuff like that – but its not a great place to get your family dinners.

Danny’s Fine Foods is the best grocer in Monroe County. They have everything you really need including a beautiful deli and butcher shoppe. There is two of ’em, Danny’s I and Danny’s II, and I reckon its time there was a Danny’s III, in Carleton, MI.

You can see Danny’s History here.

After asking a 4th generation member of the family about the idea he said, “I love the loyalty of Carleton and it’s people”

There has got to be a viable location for a Danny’s III in town. Even if it’s a little smaller than the other Danny’s, call it Danny’s 1 1/2 – Fact: Lion King 1 1/2 lives up to the other two.

If you’re from the Greater Monroe Area, and have never been to a Danny’s,

1. What is wrong with you?

2. Go to a Danny’s, buy some chicken, maybe some soup, show them this blog and tell ’em we need a 3rd location in Carleton.