Quandre Diggs Traded to Seattle for a Bag of Chips

26 year old “Nino” who was drafted in 2015 by the Lions was just traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a 2020 5th round draft pick. The Lions through in a 2021 7th round pick.

Knee jerk reactions to this news is that 1) the Lions lost the locker room. 2) are the lions giving up on the season already? 3) why? 4) He was a defensive captain. 5) he’s not old. 6) did he do something wrong and now we’re full blown patriot mode? 7) why? 8) are we trading him to open cap space? 9) are we getting Melvin Gordon???? 10) there HAS to be more tot he story. 11) why?? 12) I’m sure the Lions know something. 13) is Bob Quinn a genius? 14) is Bob Quinn incompetent? 15) were very deep at safety.

Bottom line I don’t have the answer to this and no one does. But the great thing about the NFL, it’s the best reality tv show and we get to see how it plays out. We’re on the Giants this week and the Lions could win their next 7 games. According to me preseason predictions I had the Lions at 3-3 at this point in the season. They are 2-3-1 and everyone in the world knows we should be AT LEAST 3-3.


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