Michigan, Harbaugh Quite The Haters At Least For One More Week

Old fashion Big Ten football today at the Big House, 10-3, Michigan found a way to win a big game despite their offense looking like a bad 8th grade football team. The defense played their best game of the season with a bend but don’t break style of play. They sacked Iowa’s QB, Stanley, 8 times which is tied for the most under Harbaugh.

The offense was so bad, not much more I can say about it. Just so so so so so so so so so so so bad.

Somehow though the team found a way to win and that’s all that matters at this point in the season. Harbaugh racks up another win vs a ranked team. Mostly everyone forgets that Harbaugh has beaten 8 ranked teams in his time at Michigan. I know he lost a lot of big games but this game will somewhere get pushed away under the category of “Iowa isn’t really that good” but last week everyone said “Iowa is pretty good and if Michigan losses they will have to fire Harbaugh” yeah I heard a ton of people saying that.

Either way it’s great to get a big win and continue to control our own destiny. Win out and we will in the Big Ten and make it to the final four. We’re still in it.


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