We’re officially in football mode. Everyone spend the whole day watching college football yesterday and if you didn’t I’m sorry you wasted your Saturday. But you still have a chance to waste your Sunday so here we go.

My preseason record doesn’t count just like it doesn’t count for the actual teams, it won’t count for me.

My record was 0-5 but that’s not here nor there.

Fresh slate. New day. New year.


Titans +6: everyone is in love with the Browns and they have superstars everywhere but they are still the Browns and 6 points are a ton for an NFL team. I like the Titans to win and maybe win the game outright because they are home.

Lions -3: do I need to explain this pick? First year coach and first year QB. They don’t stand a chance. Expect the Lions to win BIG BIG BIG.

Good luck and don’t move off your couch this Sunday. Do yourself that favor and be lazy.


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