MINDHUNTER… stop what you are doing and binge this show NOW!

The hottest new show that everyone is talking about is the newest binge worthy show to watch. After you finish a great binge for example like Ozarks, Bloodline you are always trying to find that next show. It’s always the hardest thing to do because nothing ever holds up to the expectations of the show you just watched.

But it’s here.

Mindhunter is everything you need to fulfill your next binge. Season 2 just came out this past Friday and oh my gosh it makes the first season come together perfectly. I didn’t even realize until half way through season 2 that these main characters are all based off real people and they are interviewing actual serial killers and crazy people. An example is Charles Manson, Son of Sam, many many more and they dive deeeeeep into the child murders of Atlanta in the 70s and 80s. You are just on the edge of your seat the whole time. Also, this is one of those shows where you have to listen to every word that is said, if you wander your mind a little bit, you will miss something very important. Just a heads up Season 1 is a little slow to start out and picks up major speed the back half of the season and all of season 2 is absolute fire!!

Just check out the ratings. Rotten Tomatoes is the fan votes and IMDb are the actually critics. Either way some great scores.

I just finished season 2 and I immediately started season 1 again because it’s that good.


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