BASEBALL Monday! Locks Locks Locks.

Betting on baseball is impossible but here we are. Something else that is impossible is betting preseason football, which I tried on Saturday and lost money. I went 1-3 in my four bets I told you and I’m sorry I let you all down. But we got big winners tonight and you can win your money back.

LOCK: Detroit Tigers +370

Take that everyday. Bet $100 bucks and win $370. Well worth the risk. I know they are playing the Astros but Edwin Jackson is pitcher and he’s been hot hot hot. Tigers have won his only two starts this year for the Tigers so I’m riding the wave.

Also another LOCK: Over 9.5 on the Twins\White Sox game. Going to have a shit ton of runs scored in that game.

Good Luck.

2019/2020 Overall Record: (1-4) all preseason football so take it for what it’s worth.


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