FOOTBALL SATURDAY. Locks of the year.

We’re back for another week of Pre season football, nothing like it. Last week the patriots destroyed the Lions but more importantly I lost the over bet of 35. Lions couldn’t mustard anything more up than 3 points and we lost 31-3. Lost the over by a point cause the Pats missed an extra point. Wild world this is.

Nor here or there we’re getting back on the Lions train because they are +130 odds tonight. Take those all day on preseason. I know I said this was a lock last week but this weeks over is a heavy lock at over 40. Expect the Lions to score a few more points.

Also, another side bet that is too good to pass up are the Rams at +170. Gimme that easy money. Plus take the over on this one at 37. Might be over by half time.

Alright enjoy the free money, ready to roll.


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