FOOTBALL IS BACK! Let’s go. Mortal lock of the year!

What a long 6 months it’s been without football but we’re back and here we go. Lions are coming in feeling good about themselves. We get to see the new OC Bevell and see what’s he’s about. We get to the see the rookies and just get to see people hit each other.

Neither here nor there but we’re betting every game this year and we will keep our record here at the firm (the league).

Lions are favored in this game be the defending Super Bowl champs by 2.5 points and that’s because TB12 isn’t playing.

BUT my mortal lock of your life time is the over. This game will be way over 35 points total. Bet your life savings on this game and the over. Feeeeeeeee money.

Congrats to everyone and soak in these games tonight.


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