Podcast Review: Armchair Expert

Let me start by saying – I’m not a HUGE podcast guy, I dabble, don’t get me wrong, and I probably listen to more podcasts than most people. So, everyone has been saying how I haven’t written in quite a while so I got to thinking, what if i wrote about podcasts? So if you’ve been thinkin’ about dabbling in the Podcast game, just read the reviews – hopefully write one once a week but no promises – and give one a try.

Podcast Review – #1

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I started listening to Armchair Expert just this summer and I fell in love with it. If you’ve never heard of it – it’s Dax Shepard shooting the shit with sometimes his friends and sometimes people he barely knows. It’s Dax and his fact checker Monica, and whomever he’s interviewing. His first interview is with his wife Kristen Bell, must listen if you’re a fan of either of them. If you were wondering, Monica, is a friend of Kristen’s and Dax. She fact checks everything they say because there is a lot of discussion on society and a bunch of topics and stats gets spit out so they fact check every episode at the end.

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Dax Shepard talks about his roots in Michigan, his childhood, his being an addict, to him being in AA and being 13 years sober. The way he conducts these interviews really gives you a microscope into the person’s story and their come up. It’s just a conversation, that’s what it comes off as. Sometimes it gets a little edgy or political but it’s always civil and eye opening. A lot of ideas get out into discussion because Dax just thinks of everyone’s point of view and always wants to play devil’s advocate.

So every episode is different – you have deep episodes with Talib Kweli (I’ll be honest, ZERO idea of who he was before listening to it) to light-hearted episodes with Seth Green and Jay Leno.


I loved Dax Shepard before this Podcast so this is probably pretty biased. I am a huge fan of the movie Without A Paddle. It’s probably one of my favorite honestly. I’m not embarrassed to say that.

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