TJ Hockenson rated one of the top rookies in newest Madden 20 ratings… and I’m sure Mike Valenti is pissed.

If you don’t know who Mike Valenti, you’re lucky, but the most of us know he’s the drive time (2-6pm) radio host on 97.1 the ticket. He’s the most negative person I’ve ever seen or heard well, I’ve never seen him just heard him yack.

But let’s just say the Madden ratings came out and TJ was middle of the pack on the ratings or a little toward the bottom, I know for a fact Valenti would make this the story of the day and would say ” Detroit Lion fans are you going to sit back and just let your GM go out and draft bust every year in the first round?” That was in a mocking voice if you couldn’t tell. But since Hockenson is rated at a 77 then this prolly won’t even be brought up or he will say “madden ratings WHO CARES”

The good news is that TJ Hockenson is a 77 overall and the highest rookie is Quinten Williams at an 80. So, we drafted well and TJ is a scouted by the Madden Experts and they expected TJ to be an immediate fit.

Valenti on the other hand should just go back to New York and take is yes man Sully with him.


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