America’s Worst City to Drive in

This is not a question about what city has the worst traffic. That’s not a debate. LA, New York, Atlanta. This is about where you are most likely to get into an accident.

I lived in Atlanta for a summer and I thought I needed a stress ball moving from my little town to the big city, but being back in Toledo for 3 months has caused me more stress than driving in Atlanta for 3 months. Like I said, this isn’t traffic related cause Atlanta has horrible traffic, I’ve sat on an OFF-RAMP for over an hour at least 7 times. I once left work at 5 to go to Raleigh, NC to see a buddy which is normally a 6 hour drive.. I got there at 2 am … So Atlanta traffic is horrible, not even comparable to Toledo’s, but at least it’s predictable.

You Will Do Better In Toledo Sticker

Toledo is the only place in America where you have to consistently brake at Green lights .. when I say consistently I mean 10/10 times if you see a green light and cars are in front of you, you might as well hit the brakes cause they’re probably texting. Just take it from me I’m typing this while at a red light.

Driving in Toledo on a daily basis is an absolute nightmare. There is construction everywhere, and even when there isn’t construction, there are just cones in random places. Closing down lanes on major streets to just create the most ridiculous traffic jams. They even put random traffic cones in pot holes, you know, instead of fixing them.

A guest commenter who remains anonymous said of Secor Rd, “You can hi-five the people next to you”

Not to mention the random youths riding around on 4 wheelers, I’ve seen more quads driving in Toledo then in my hometown…. which is absolutely ridiculous.

Now I’m done ranting about the city driving, it’s time to bitch about the interstate.

I-75 was under construction for at least 7 years. This video has everything you need to know about it:

Toledo is the worst place to drive in because you have offensive Michigan drivers driving with Ohio drivers that really don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t often pass people on the right but when I do it’s an Ohio driver going 60 mph in the fast lane.


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