Tommy Henry: A Man Among Boys Tonight. Michigan 1 win away from Natty Title Appearance

Tommy Henry, the Portage Northern product out of Kalamazoo, pitched a clinical game tonight. Complete game shutout in the biggest game in Michigan baseball history is something only legends do. 9 innings and only throwing 100 pitches is so efficient it’s hard to explain.

Let’s face it though, no one watches college baseball like they watch basketball or Football but a national championship is a national championship no matter the sport. In a lifetime where I haven’t seen a natty title from my favorite college in any major sport, I’ll take it.

One win away from a Championship appearance and in a sport where ONLY southern colleges or far west colleges win and even make it that far, it’s something to watch and cheer for. In a dying need of something to cheer for since the Tigers suck and football is just over 3 months away, winning is winning.

Let’s get it.

Go Blue


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