A Legend Retires

Check out The Monroe News Article here.

Eric Redmond was is an absolute legend.

When you have to pick a security question for a password you would pick, “who’s your favorite teacher from school?” and your answer would be Eric Redmond.

As a coach, his resume speaks for itself. He took Airport to 11 straight playoff appearances before going to his Alma Mater, Monroe. Without doing any research, I can think of at least 2 of his players that made it to the NFL. Coming out of Southeast Michigan, that is impressive as all get out.

As a teacher, I remember being a Freshman in his Computers Class, I (accidentally) kicked a computer onto the ground, all he did was shout my name and have me sit at a different computer for the rest of the year. Didn’t report me. Didn’t fine me. I still owe Airport some mullah for that dinosaur of a computer, probably.

Another story I remember the day after a terrible accident involving some classmates, he let us sit in class and watch YouTube videos. It’s what we needed, no one could focus on school that day. That’s the kind of guy he was. He had the student’s back.

I don’t think anyone loves coffee more than Eric Redmond. The dude would drink at least a pot and a half in a school day. He had a coffee pot in his classroom for Pete’s sake, that is such a boss move.

I wish Buffalo Wild Wings would put the team pic of the Monroe Trojans back up by the door so I can slap it like a banner on a Friday Night and get ready to binge drink, eat and watch.

I could think of a few dozen Redmond stories, and I’m sure everyone that had him could as well.

The man was loved by everyone who had him as a teacher or a coach. I feel sorry for the students that won’t have the chance.

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Happy retirement to a Legend.


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