Detroit Tigers PSA: 100 games remaining. TODD JONES Should Be In The Booth


Not good for the Tigers. We have seen better days downtown. This is rock bottom of the re-build so, the good news is, it will get better from here.

62 games into the season and the Tigers sit at 24-38 and are 18 Games back of the first place Twinkies. Who would of thought the Twins would have been good this season.

Not many bright spots besides Jacoby Jones is balling out right now.

Nothing else is really intriguing about this team.


Matt Shepard and Jack Morris review: last time at the 20 game PSA I thought Shep was trying way too hard and it was a little rough with he Shep and Jack Morris duo. I still think Shep is trying too hard. He always says the wrong player in play by play situations, a very important aspect of the job. He gets the counts wrong multiple times per game. His opinions are just stupid, I think he plays the devil advocate role but it’s dumb.

The Biggest shining star so far this season has been Todd Jones in the booth filling in for a sick Kirk Gibson one weekend in Atlanta. Todd was so good at the color role, he had jokes, kept it loose, and Shep was sounding better.

This is the season it’s been so far, 62 games into the season and we’re already talking about how great of a job Todd Jones did filling in for 2 games.


I need the 2012 Detroit Tigers injected into my veins.


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